Teledyne LeCroy Launches 3-Phase Power Analysis Software


Teledyne LeCroy launched its 3-Phase Power Analysis software package, which brings 1-phase and 3-phase static and dynamic power analysis to its HDO8000A, HDO6000A and WavePro HD 12-bit High Definition oscilloscopes. With the 3-Phase Power Analysis...

07.03. 2019 | News

Cutting-edge Automotive Manufacturing Technologies to Debut at CHINAPLAS 2019


Nowadays, when people talk about automobiles, they no longer simply refer to a four-wheel device with seats that are designed to transport individuals from point A to B. Instead, they increasingly refer to environmentally friendly and intelligent...

06.03. 2019 | News

The 2nd edition of the PCNS Passive Components Networking Days Symposium in Bucharest


The second edition of the PCNS Passive Components Networking Days Symposium organized by EPCI (European Passive Components Institute) will take place in Bucharest, Romania, in September 10-13. 2019. The event will be hosted by Politehnica...

05.03. 2019 | News

Technologies to Watch in 2019


Bendable Displays have finally become a consumer product. It's been no easy feat - making multiple layers of sensitive materials work reliably while the whole device is being flexed. The 'supplier push' for such displays is due to the...

05.03. 2019 | News

Osram unveils grow light system for horticulture research


Osram has developed a research luminaire to meet the growing demands of researchers at universities, private institutes and plant production in greenhouses and vertical farms. Researchers and modern agriculturists can use the LED-based plant...

04.03. 2019 | News

Wide Voltage Hall Effect Switches for Industrial Applications


Diodes Incorporated announced its market-leading AH35xx series of omnipolar Hall effect switches. These devices feature a wide operating voltage range of 3V to 28V, enabling them to support all of the 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and 24V rails commonly found in...

01.03. 2019 | News

Hioki Launches AC Clamp Meter CM4141 and CM4142


Hioki announced the launch of the AC Clamp Meter CM4141/CM4142 (rated for use with currents of up to 2000A), a pair of clamp AC current meters featuring a new jaw shape designed to make the instruments easier to clamp around wires....

28.02. 2019 | News

Enter the Awards


The IDTechEx Awards recognise company development and success. All companies operating within the technologies listed below are welcome to apply. The winners will be announced during the awards ceremony which takes place in the Exhibition Hall on...

27.02. 2019 | News



The embedded awards were presented once again at the traditional awards ceremony on 26 February 2019. For the 15th time, the coveted industry accolades recognised the most innovative development achievements in the traditional categories hardware,...

27.02. 2019 | News

Printing OLED displays: has its time finally come?


Solution processed light emitting organic materials were demonstrated in 1989 with a tiny 0.1 EQE (external quantum efficiency). Since then there has been tremendous progress on material synthesis/production as well as on display processing....

26.02. 2019 | News

Osram enables projections with the smartphone


Green lasers for projector applications need to have not only outstanding beam characteristics but also a high optical performance in order to deliver sharp and bright images. Although a projector also needs red and blue lasers, green is the...

25.02. 2019 | News

Automotive Qualified eGaN FETs Help Lidar Systems ‘See’ Better


EPC announces successful AEC Q101 qualification of two additional eGaN devices, addressing a range of applications in the automotive industry and other harsh environments. The new products, EPC2206, and EPC2212 are both discrete transistors...

22.02. 2019 | News

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