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ST reveals precision digital power monitor with MIPI I3C support for optimum energy use and reliability


STMicroelectronics has introduced the TSC1641 precision digital current, voltage, and power monitor with high-precision input channels and support for the MIPI I3C advanced bus interface. The TSC1641 helps optimize energy use and reliability in...

11.01. 2024 | News

Nicomatic introduces new mate-before-lock mechanism for all DMM connectors


To improve the speed, ease and security of mating for its MIL-SPEC DMM rugged 2mm pitch metal connectors, leading manufacturer of high-performance interconnect systems, Nicomatic has introduced the D53C, a new captive screw option for all DMM...

10.01. 2024 | News

See the water flow…or not


MikroElektronika, the embedded solutions company that dramatically cuts development time by providing innovative hardware and software products based on proven standards, has launched Water Detect 2 Click, a compact add-on board that can detect...

09.01. 2024 | News

Nexperia’s first SiC MOSFETs raise the bar for safe, robust and reliable power switching in industrial applications


Nexperia announced its first silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs with the release of two 1200 V discrete devices in 3-pin TO-247 packaging with RDS(on) values of 40 mΩ and 80 mΩ. NSF040120L3A0 and NSF080120L3A0 are the first in a series of planned...

08.01. 2024 | News

The ams OSRAM SFH 7018 enables improved quality of heart rate and blood oxygen measurements for wearables


ams OSRAM released a new multi-LED package which offers more than 40 percent higher radiant intensity than the previous generation product, resulting in higher accuracy PPG (photoplethysmography) measurements in smart watches, wristbands and other...

05.01. 2024 | News

Evolved for more challenges: Rohde & Schwarz adds eight-channel R&S MXO 5 to next-generation oscilloscopes


With the all-new R&S MXO 5, Rohde & Schwarz continues to evolve its series of next-generation oscilloscopes, started with the successful R&S MXO 4 in 2022. The R&S MXO 5 is the company’s first eight-channel oscilloscope. It expands...

04.01. 2024 | News

New eBook from Mouser and TE Connectivity Explores Latest Innovations in EV and Connected Transportation


Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest electronic components and industrial automation products, has released a new eBook in collaboration with TE Connectivity, a world leader in connectors and sensors,...

03.01. 2024 | News

Danisense updating datasheets to enable engineers to easily calculate different technical values


Danisense, the leader in high-accuracy current sense transducers for demanding applications, is updating all datasheets for its broad product range of current sense transducers to include formulas and examples to make it quick and easy for design...

02.01. 2024 | News

Shrink Motor Drives for eBikes, Robots, and Drones with 100 V GaN FETs from EPC


EPC announces the availability of the EPC9194, a 3-phase BLDC motor drive inverter reference design. It operates from an input supply voltage range of 14 V to 60 V and delivers up to 60 Apk (40 Arms) output current. This voltage range and power...

01.01. 2024 | News

Microchip Unveils New Standard of Enhanced Code Security With the PIC18-Q24 Family of MCUs


More and more everyday items are connected to the cloud—from cellphones and vehicles to smart thermostats and home appliances. With this rise in connectivity, the need for advanced security measures at the chip level, protecting both firmware and...

29.12. 2023 | News