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08.06. 2022 | News

Vicor opens industry’s first “ChiP” fabrication facility


Vicor celebrated the opening of its new, state-of-the-art power module manufacturing facility.  The world’s first ChiP™ (Converter housed in Package) fabrication facility enables the most scalable, automated, cost-effective manufacturing of...

07.06. 2022 | News

Analog Devices’ New Easy Drive™ SAR ADCs Simplify Design


Analog Devices introduced a new portfolio of next-generation 16-to-24-bit, ultra-high precision successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that simplify the often complex process of designing ADCs into...

06.06. 2022 | News

Proven performance - and ready for a more flexible transmission: New antenna-less PAN1316C


For applications with RF unfriendly housings, Panasonic Industry now launches new dual-mode PAN1316C module being an antenna-less variant of the PAN1326C2. A modern device’s housing is supposed to fulfil several criteria at the same time: Being...

04.06. 2022 | News

Voltage protection devices: TDK offers chip varistor for automotive application Ethernet with strong ESD resistance


TDK Corporation expands its product lineup with a new chip varistor, type AVRH10C101KT4R7YA8, for automotive application Ethernet with strong resistance to ESD. Utilizing high-precision multilayer technology and optimizing the manufacturing...

03.06. 2022 | News

Ultra-low-power temperature sensor


Sensirion presents its fourth-generation temperature sensor series: the STS4x. The digital sensor is highly accurate and offers industry-leading lead times. It is available in different accuracy classes and is currently represented by the STS40....

02.06. 2022 | News

Mini Wave Soldering Module IW1 and IW1-2


The selective solder waves of the technology leader EUTECT guarantee a soldering process free of oxides and residues with the inert gas atmosphere. Due to the continuously pumped solder wave, the heat transfer from the solder melt is...

01.06. 2022 | News

Add ADI 24-bit precision data acquisition for just $75


MikroElektronika, the embedded solutions company that dramatically cuts development time by providing innovative hardware and software products based on proven standards, has launched DAQ Click, a compact add-on Click board™ which allows designers...

31.05. 2022 | News

STMicroelectronics’ AMOLED PMIC boosts viewing experience and battery runtime in portable devices


STMicroelectronics’ new fully integrated Power-Management IC (PMIC) for AMOLED displays combines a low quiescent current and enhanced flexibility to extend the battery runtime of portable devices. With an input-voltage range from 2.9V to 4.8V,...

30.05. 2022 | News

element14 Launches Twist, Turn and Move Robotics Design Challenge


element14, an Avnet Community, has launched the Twist, Turn and Move Robotics Design Challenge. Participants are tasked with designing and building a robotic arm or mobile robot that performs a specific task. “From robotic arms on the...

28.05. 2022 | News

7-segment LED displays from OPTO Plus


The TME catalogue includes a wide range of optoelectronic components. These include high-quality LCD displays and some basic components: LEDs and 7-segment LED displays. One of the leading suppliers of the latter is the OPTO plus brand. Single...

27.05. 2022 | News

New products from CEM now available in the TME catalogue


CEM, originating from Shenzhen, is a supplier of measuring and testing instruments. Despite the fact that these products have been available from TME for a long time, there are few new solutions at TME that deserve to be noticed. These are testers...

26.05. 2022 | News

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