Analog Devices’ MEMS Accelerometer Provides Ultralow Power for Healthcare and Industrial Applications


Analog Devices announced a three-axis MEMS accelerometer designed for a wide range of healthcare and industrial applications, including vital signs monitoring, hearing aids, and motion-enabled metering devices. The ADXL367 accelerometer...

25.07. 2022 | News

Red Pitaya - Basics of Verilog FPGA programming language


Teaching electronic circuits and FPGA programming has never been so easy and intuitive. The self-learning guide and well-documented step-by-step examples make home learning a fun exercise. Download Red Pitaya exclusive FPGA e-book part 2 -...

23.07. 2022 | News

OS-CON series capacitors by Panasonic


In an effort to miniaturise and increase the performance of electronic devices, in particular their power circuits, manufacturers are constantly looking for new, more efficient and compact electronic components. The greatest challenge in this...

22.07. 2022 | News

New VDV II Series cable testers from Trend Networks


The VDV II is a series of advanced copper cable testers. Their manufacturer is the British company Trend Networks. The testers check the correct operation of cables in domestic, commercial, or industrial networks, including telephone cabling, data...

21.07. 2022 | News

Announcing 2.4 GHz FH radio units for remote control and monitoring


Circuit Design, Inc., the leading supplier of low power radio modules, is releasing the High/Low level status input unit KST2.4S and the output unit KSR2.4 for industrial applications. KST2.4S/KSR2.4 has an embedded radio module NK-2.4Y that...

20.07. 2022 | News

Renesas Launches Cellular-to-Cloud IoT Development Platforms Powered by RA and RX MCU Families


Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced two new cloud development kits, CK-RA6M5 and CK-RX65N, providing a complete connectivity solution for the RA and RX Families of 32-bit...

19.07. 2022 | News

New analog frontend family from ams OSRAM offers maximum flexibility for vital sign monitoring applications


ams OSRAM introduces with the AS705x series its first pure IC family of vital sign sensors. The first generation of biosignal converting units from ams OSRAM offers manufacturers maximum flexibility, a highly customized optical front end in...

18.07. 2022 | News

Farnell announces winners of search to find longest running Raspberry Pi application


Farnell, an Avnet company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, has today announced the winners of a competition to find the longest running Raspberry Pi application currently still in use. A diverse range of...

16.07. 2022 | News

Allegro MicroSystems Announces Groundbreaking New Position Sensors for ADAS Applications


Allegro MicroSystems announced the launch of its A33110 and A33115 magnetic position sensors. Designed for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications that require high levels of accuracy and heterogeneous signal redundancy, Allegro’s...

15.07. 2022 | News

New generation handheld DMM: the GDM-500 series


GW Instek rolled out the new generation handheld DMM - the GDM-500 series. The series features simplicity, easy-to-use, high accuracy, and durability. Other than being a powerful portable instrument for electrical and electronic engineers in their...

14.07. 2022 | News

IPC-1402, Standard for Green Cleaners Used in Electronics Manufacturing Now Open for Public Review


IPC’s draft version of IPC-1402, Standard for Green Cleaners Used in Electronics Manufacturing, is now open for public review. The draft standard has been progressing through the standards process since fall of 2021 and, despite some minor delays...

13.07. 2022 | News

SiPearl Collaborates with NVIDIA on Enabling Accelerated Computing Solutions with European Microprocessor


SiPearl, the company designing the high-performance, low-power microprocessor for European exascale supercomputers, has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with NVIDIA for joint technical and business developments aiming to combine...

12.07. 2022 | News

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