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Radiation-Tolerant DC-DC 50-Watt Power Converters Provide High-Reliability Solution for New Space Applications


The Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) market is rapidly growing as private and public entities alike explore the new space region for everything from 5G communication and cube satellites to IoT applications. There is an increased demand for standard space...

01.07. 2024 | News

Infineon introduces PSoC™ 4 HVPA-144K microcontroller for automotive battery management systems


With the introduction of the PSoC 4 High Voltage Precision Analog (HVPA)-144K microcontroller, Infineon Technologies addresses the automotive battery management sector by integrating high-precision analog and high-voltage subsystems on a single...

28.06. 2024 | News

Siglent Delivers 12-Bit Oscilloscopes to address Signal Fidelity Challenges on every bench


Siglent is excited to unveil three new series of oscilloscopes designed to improve signal fidelity, visualization, and analysis. These latest additions complete the lineup of oscilloscopes, each equipped with advanced 12-bit analog-to-digital...

27.06. 2024 | News

STMicroelectronics reveals automotive-grade inertial modules for cost-effective functional-safety applications up to ASIL B


STMicroelectronics has introduced the ASM330LHBG1 automotive 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope module with a safety-software library that enables a cost-effective solution for functional-safety applications. The ASM330LHBG1 is AEC-Q100...

24.06. 2024 | News

Element14 Community Launches “Eye on Intelligence” Design Challenge


Participants to explore FPGA Machine Learning with this AI-powered challenge element14, an Avnet Community, in collaboration with AMD, has launched the “Eye on Intelligence” design challenge. This innovative competition invites participants to...

21.06. 2024 | News

ROHM’s New Energy-Saving DC-DC Converter ICs Offered in the TSOT23 Package


ROHM has developed four new compact DC-DC step-down converter ICs suitable for consumer and industrial applications, including refrigerators, washing machines, PLCs, and inverters. ROHM is expanding the lineup which includes the BD9E203FP4-Z, a 2A...

21.06. 2024 | News

Pico Technology PicoScope 6428E-D Oscilloscope, Now at Mouser Electronics, Offers Superior Performance in Signal Analysis


Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry's leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the PicoScope 6428E-D oscilloscope from Pico Technology. Designed...

20.06. 2024 | News

Rohde & Schwarz presents new NGC100 power supply series with market-leading functions


The latest DC power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz for every-day manual use in the laboratory as well as for automated applications offer an extremely wide range of functions for entry level instruments. The R&S NGC100 power supply series...

20.06. 2024 | News

TDK offers snap-in capacitors with increased compactness for general-purpose applications


TDK Corporation announces the new EPCOS B43659 series of snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors. This is the next generation of ultra-compact general-purpose components for voltages of 450V (DC) featuring an extremely high CV product. It...

17.06. 2024 | News

STMicroelectronics’ 40V industrial and automotive linear regulators combine efficiency with flexibility


STMicroelectronics’ LDH40 and LDQ40 voltage regulators for automotive and industrial applications start-up from an input as low as 3.3V, operate with up to 40V applied, and have low quiescent current. The LDH40 delivers up to 200mA and is...

14.06. 2024 | News