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Attend a local User2User PADS Event


PADS User Group meetings are a great opportunity to share best practices, connect with other PADS customers, and hear from technical experts. Designed to fit into your busy schedule, these FREE one-day conferences provide the tips and tricks...

29.08. 2017 | News

Wireless Power Kit: Charge Cell Phones to Laptops Simultaneously


Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) announces the availability of a complete class 4 wireless power charging kit, the EPC9120. The system can transmit up to 33 W while operating at 6.78 MHz (the lowest ISM band).  The purpose of...

28.08. 2017 | News

New Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulator Extends Vicor’s 48V Direct to PoL Product Family


The PI3526-00-LGIZ is the latest addition to the Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulator Portfolio with a 48V (30 – 60 Vin) input. The PI352x is a higher current offering to the existing PI354x portfolio enabling scalable power options for 48V Direct...

25.08. 2017 | News

Keysight Technologies, Ixia Solutions Group Announce Integrated Cellular + WiFi Protocol Verification Solution


Keysight Technologies announced a solution that supports simultaneous cellular and WiFi testing. The T5510S Cellular + WiFi Emulation System is a powerful, flexible platform enabled by the combination of Keysight's UXM network emulator and the...

24.08. 2017 | News

SHTW2: Build your own perspiration monitor


Through perspiration we are constantly losing water over the surface of our skin, which has an influence on the state of hydration on our body. The lost water needs to be replaced by drinking. Especially elderly people are prone to dehydration...

21.08. 2017 | News

Panasonic introduces the industry's thinnest push-button type switch


Panasonic  has recently introduced an SMD push-button switch named “Light Touch Switch”, which is the thinnest of its kind currently on the market with a thickness of only 0.53mm. The device features a very small footprint of...

18.08. 2017 | News

GW Instek launches new MDO-2000E Series, Mixed Domain Oscilloscope


MDO-2000E series is multi-functional mixed domain oscilloscope. The series includes two feature combinations, MDO-2000EG and MDO-2000EX. MDO-2000EG models have a built-in spectrum analyzer and a dual channel 25MHz arbitrary waveform generator...

17.08. 2017 | News

RGBA Color Mixing with BLE


The application note „RGBA Color Mixing with Bluetooth® Low Energy Communication“ provides the description of RGBA LED color mixing using Microchip’s PIC16F1579 and the Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) communication of...

14.08. 2017 | News

Maxim’s PMICs Offer Hearables Lowest Standby Power and High Efficiency


Designers of Bluetooth® headphones, activity monitors, smart garments, smartwatches, and other size-constrained devices can now increase battery life and efficiency using the MAX77650/MAX77651 power management ICs (PMICs) from Maxim. Most...

11.08. 2017 | News

Compact, lightweight ZNLE VNA simplifies accurate S-parameter measurements


Rohde & Schwarz has launched the ZNLE vector network analyzer to address the requirements of customers looking to perform RF measurements to characterize components such as antennas, attenuators, filters and PCBs. The new standalone instrument...

10.08. 2017 | News