LPV821: Industry's first zero-drift, nanopower amplifier


Texas Instruments introduced the first operational amplifier to combine ultra-high precision with the industry's lowest supply current. With exceptional power-to-precision performance, the LPV821 zero-drift, nanopower op amp enables engineers...

01.01. 2018 | News

Most Accurate Digital Temperature Sensor STS35


Sensirion presents the STS35 temperature sensor – the most accurate sensor of the versatile STS3x series. The high-accuracy temperature sensor has been designed to fulfill the needs of demanding markets such as the medical and automotive...

29.12. 2017 | News

SIGLENT’s new 500 MHz Pulse/Arbitrary Waveform Generators


SIGLENT Technologies has announced the release of the new X-Series instrument family: The SDG6000X series pulse/arbitrary waveform generators. Maximum bandwidths range from 200 to 500 MHz, depending on the model. In addition, with a maximum 2.4...

28.12. 2017 | News

First Automotive-Qualified Bluetooth 5-Ready Wireless MCUs with integrated CAN FD


NXP Semiconductors announced its Kinetis KW35/36 MCU family, the industry's first automotive-qualified Bluetooth 5-ready wireless MCU family with integrated CAN FD connectivity. Its AEC Q100-Grade 2 temperature range qualification paired with...

25.12. 2017 | News

Dual Rail-to-Rail 100V Power Monitor Measures Current and Voltage with ±0.3% Accuracy


Analog Devices, Inc., which recently acquired Linear Technology Corporation, announces the LTC2992, a wide range I²C system monitor that monitors the current, voltage and power of two 0V to 100V rails without additional circuitry. The LTC2992...

22.12. 2017 | News

GW Instek launches new APS-7000 series programmable AC power sources


GW Instek introduces new APS-7000 series programmable AC power sources, which consists of 500VA of APS-7050, 1000VA of APS-7100, 2000VA of APS-7200 and 3000VA of APS-7300. APS-7000 series feature power characteristics from its linear...

21.12. 2017 | News

Defend Designs from Attack with Maxim's Unclonable Security ICs


Designers can now easily, proactively, and inexpensively protect their intellectual property and products with a solution immune to invasive physical attacks—the DS28E38 DeepCover® secure authenticator from Maxim. The DS28E38 features...

18.12. 2017 | News

KOE introduces 10.3-inch HD Rugged+ TFT Display


Industrial LCD manufacturer KOE have announced the introduction of a new 10.3-inch Rugged+ TFT display module. The TX26D206VM0BAA features  HD (1920 x 720 pixels) resolution, a 8:3 wide aspect ratio, IPS (in-plane switching) technology which...

15.12. 2017 | News

SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018 – Many exhibitors already registered


As Europe´s leading platform for system integration in microelectronics, the SMT Hybrid Packaging is the ideal platform for exhibitors to present to a broad specialist public in an international environment. A total of 80 percent of the...

14.12. 2017 | News

New Fluke Ti450 and Ti480 PRO Infrared Cameras capture and display smaller temperature differences


When diagnosing problems, capturing and displaying small temperature variances makes all the difference. The new Fluke® Ti450 and Ti480 PRO Series Infrared Cameras have increased thermal sensitivity to capture minute differences and the latest...

14.12. 2017 | News

Analog Devices’ Industrial IMUs Improve Navigation and Reliability in Autonomous Machines


Analog Devices announced a series of five high-performance inertial measurement units (IMUs) that address the navigation- and safety-related needs of industrial applications. All of the IMUs provide six degree-of-freedom sensing via triple-axis...

11.12. 2017 | News

New PCap04 smart capacitive sensing front end from ams


ams released the PCap04, a new configurable capacitive sensing front end which gives sensor manufacturers the ability to balance speed and resolution to match their design requirements. When optimized for speed, the PCap04 can capture and...

08.12. 2017 | News

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