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Next-generation multizone time-of-flight sensor from STMicroelectronics boosts ranging performance and power saving


STMicroelectronics’ VL53L8CX, the latest-generation 8×8 multizone time-of-flight (ToF) ranging sensor, delivers a range of improvements including greater ambient-light immunity, lower power consumption, and enhanced optics. ST’s direct-ToF...

08.02. 2024 | News

Nexperia now offers GaN FETs in compact SMD packaging CCPAK for industrial and renewable energy applications


Nexperia announced that its GaN FET devices, featuring next-gen high-voltage GaN HEMT technology in proprietary copper-clip CCPAK surface mount packaging, are now available to designers of industrial and renewable energy applications. Building on...

05.02. 2024 | News

Renesas Programmable Motor Driver ICs Are First to Enable Full Torque at Zero Speed for Sensorless Brushless DC Motors


Renesas Electronics introduced a family of motor driver ICs for brushless DC (BLDC) motor applications. The devices implement Renesas’ new, patent-pending technologies that enable full torque at zero speed from motors without sensors, an industry...

02.02. 2024 | News

GW Instek Launches LCR-1000 Hand-held LCR Meter


GW Instek launches the new LCR-1000 series, which is a handheld LCR meter with the automatic real-time test function. The series adopts TFT-LCD and provides a basic accuracy of 0.2%. Users can choose to use buttons or touch screen operations. The...

01.02. 2024 | News

Power Integrations Launches Gate Drivers for 62 mm SiC and IGBT Modules with Fast Short-Circuit Protection


Power Integrations announced a new family of plug-and-play gate drivers for 62 mm silicon-carbide (SiC) MOSFET and silicon IGBT modules rated up to 1700 V, with enhanced protection features to ensure safe, reliable operation. SCALE™-2 2SP0230T2x0...

29.01. 2024 | News

STMicroelectronics introduces AI-enabled automotive inertial measurement unit for always-aware applications up to 125°C


STMicroelectronics’ ASM330LHHXG1 inertial measurement unit (IMU) for automotive applications combines in-sensor AI with enhanced low-power operation and 125°C operating temperature range for reliability in harsh environments. ST’s new...

26.01. 2024 | News

GW Instek Announces the New PEL-3000AE Programmable DC Electronic Load


GW Instek launches new PEL-3000AE series programmable single-channel electronic load. In the series, PEL-3031AE provides 300W (1V~150V/60A) and PEL-3032AE provides 300W (2.5V~500V/15A) current sink capability. Inherited from the PEL-3000 series,...

25.01. 2024 | News

Automate Installation Process with Press-Fit Terminal Power Modules for a Solder-Free Solution in High-Volume Manufacturing


The E-Mobility, sustainability and data center markets require products that are conducive to high-volume manufacturing. To better automate the installation process, Press-Fit terminals are often used because they offer a solder-free solution to...

22.01. 2024 | News

SPS – Smart Production Solutions Guangzhou 2024 introduces ‘Hosted Buyer Programme’

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Smart Production Solutions Guangzhou is committed to building a platform for the manufacturing sector to discover the latest technologies in smart production. Nearly all of the exhibition space at the show’s 2024 edition has been claimed,...

19.01. 2024 | News

Infineon introduces 12 A and 20 A synchronous buck regulator family with fast COT architecture for DC-DC POL applications


Modern power systems require highly efficient and compact regulators. Infineon Technologies addresses this challenge with the TDA388xx family, targeting the server, AI, datacom, telecom, and storage markets. The 12 A and 20 A synchronous buck...

19.01. 2024 | News