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GBM-3100H (1000V) Battery Meter debuts

11.07. 2024 | News

GW Instek Battery Meter - the GBM-3100H is an expansion model of the existing GBM-3000 series, providing measurement capabilities up to 1000V DC voltage which is suitable for measurement of EV and PHEV battery packs. This expanded model is equipped with a 3.5-inch color display and has high measurement accuracy (0.01%) for battery voltage and (0.5%) for internal resistance of battery.

The GBM-3000 series uses AC 1kHz as the test signal and measures battery’s voltage and internal resistance to 1000V (GBM-3100H), 300V (GBM-3300) and 80V (GBM-3080). The series features 3.5" TFT LCD, 4-wire measurement method, high-resolution (6-digit voltage / 5-digit resistance) measurement display capability, and independent GO/NOGO determination of voltage and resistance, various communications interfaces, etc. to meet various types of battery measurements, ranging from single cell, battery cell, to the end product, etc. so as to facilitate users in achieving accurate measurements at all stages of production (more info).