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onsemi Unveils Complete Power Solution to Improve Energy Efficiency for Data Centers

08.07. 2024 | News

As data centers become increasingly power-hungry to support the tremendous processing requirements of AI workloads, the need for boosting energy efficiency is paramount. The powerful combination of onsemi’s latest generation T10 PowerTrench® family and EliteSiC 650V MOSFETs create a solution that offers unparalleled efficiency and high thermal performance in a smaller footprint for data center applications.

Compared to a typical search engine request, an AI-supported engine request requires more than 10x the power, leading to data center power needs expected to reach an estimated 1,000 TWh globally in less than two years. To process one AI-supported request, energy is converted four times from the grid to the processor, which can result in an energy loss of approximately 12%. Using the T10 PowerTrench family and EliteSiC 650V solution, data centers are able to reduce power losses that occur by an estimated 1%. If implemented in data centers globally, the solution could reduce energy consumption by 10 TWh annually or the equivalent of the energy required to fully power nearly one million homes per year.

The EliteSiC 650V MOSFET offers superior switching performance and lower device capacitances to achieve higher efficiency in data centers and energy storage systems. Compared to the previous generation, these new generation silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs have halved the gate charge and reduced both the energy stored in output capacitance (Eoss) and the output charge (Qoss) by 44%. With no tail current during turn-off and superior performance at high temperatures, they can also significantly reduce switching losses compared to super junction (SJ) MOSFETs. This allows customers to downsize system components while increasing the operating frequency, resulting in an overall reduction in system costs (more info).