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Rigol Welcomes New Generators and Multimeters to Ultra-Portable Instrument Family

13.06. 2024 | News

Rigol Technologies is expanding its family of ultra-portable instruments with the introduction of the DG800 Pro and DG900 Pro Series Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators, along with the DM858 Series Digital Multimeters. Like their predecessors—the DHO800 and DHO900 Series High-Resolution Oscilloscopes—these new generators and multimeters deliver impressive performance and functionality in a compact and light form factor.

The DG800 Pro and DG900 Pro Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators are packed with functionality. Beyond the obvious performance of function generation and arbitrary waveform generation, these instruments include the capabilities of noise generator, pulse generator, harmonic generator, analog/digital modulator, and frequency counter. They deliver impressive performance—up to 200 MHz maximum output frequency, 1.25 GSa/s sample rate, 16-bit vertical resolution, and 3 ns rise time—in a compact chassis with a 7” color touch display.

The new DM858 Series is a light but capable benchtop 5.5 digit DMM with 7” color touch display. It provides 11 measurement functions and offers trend chart, histogram, and bar table visual display options, while providing competitive specifications, including 125 rdgs/s measurement speed and 500,000 points memory logging (more info).