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Design High-Performance Class-D Audio Amplifiers with GaN FETs

03.06. 2024 | News

EPC is pleased to announce the launch of the EPC9192, reference design enabling powerful, compact, and efficient Class-D audio amplifiers. The EPC9192 showcases the capabilities of EPC's 200 V, EPC2307, eGaN FETs in a ground-referenced, split dual supply Single-Ended (SE) design, delivering an impressive 700 W per channel into a 4 Ω load.

The EPC9192 features a modular design that allows for scalability and expandability. The motherboard hosts two PWM modulators and two half bridge power stage daughterboards, implementing a two-channel amplifier with housekeeping supplies and protections. This design flexibility enables users to customize the PWM modulator and power stage, facilitating the evaluation and comparison of different devices and modulation techniques.

The EPC9192 evaluation boards are priced at $948.48. The EPC2307 is priced at $3.28/ea in 3Ku reels (more info).