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GaN FETs Enable 75 - 230 Ampere Laser Diode Control in Nanoseconds for Advanced Automotive Autonomy

26.02. 2024 | News

EPC introduces three evaluation boards - EPC9179, EPC9181, and EPC9180 - featuring pulse current laser drivers of 75 A, 125 A, and 230 A, showcasing EPC’s AEC-Q101 GaN FETs. These FETs, EPC2252, EPC2204A, and EPC2218A are 30% smaller and more cost-effective than their predecessors. Designed for both long and short-range automotive lidar systems, these boards expedite solution evaluation with varied input and output options.

All boards share identical functionality, differing only in peak current and pulse width. Utilizing a resonant discharge power stage, they employ a ground-referenced GaN FET driven by LMG1020 gate driver. The GaN FET's ultrafast switching enables rapid discharge of a charged capacitor through the load's stray inductance, enabling peak discharge currents of tens to hundreds of amps within nanoseconds. The printed circuit board is designed to minimize power loops and common source inductance while offering mounting flexibility for laser diodes or alternative loads. To enhance user-friendliness, all boards ship with EPC9989 interposer PCBs, featuring various footprints to accommodate a variety of laser diodes or other loads (more info).