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GW Instek Unveils The New GPP-3610H/7250 Single-Channel Programmable DC Power Supply

22.02. 2024 | News

GPP programmable DC power supply series incorporates two new 360W models, namely the 36V/10A GPP-3610H and the 72V/5A GPP-7250. GPP-3610H provides high programming resolution (1mV/0.2mA) and readback resolution (0.1mV/0.2mA); GPP-7250 provides high programming resolution (2mV/0.2mA) and readback resolution (0.1mV/0.1mA), and the best low ripple noise characteristics ≦1mVrms ( 5Hz ~ 1MHz) / ≦2mArms and output transient recovery capability ≦100us.

GPP-3610H and GPP-7250 provide a variety of display modes, including channel setting values, measurement values, and waveform display. Using the output monitoring function of the GPP series, users can set monitoring conditions according to their needs, generate an alarm or stop output during the measurement process, stop the measurement and protect the customer's DUT. The GPP series provides an output recorder function, the voltage/current of the output process can be recorded in the internal memory, and the results can be saved as (*.REC) or (*.CSV) file and transferred to a USB. The saved *.CSV can be later exported into Excel for analysis (more info).