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Temperature and humidity transducers by HotCold

15.02. 2024 | News

Monitoring of basic environmental conditions, i.e. temperature and humidity, is done in every room equipped with an automated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. These parameters are under constant control e.g. in warehouses, food processing facilities, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories and many others. New products serve this exact purpose: they are precise and durable temperature and humidity transducers designed especially for demanding, professional applications. The devices come from the product portfolio of an experienced brand HotCold and are a part of the HCRH series.

The HCRH series transducers are devices which receive signals from integrated or remote temperature sensors and convert them into an analogue signal (voltage or current, depending on the model) and a digital signal. With universal and quick HCRH transducers, you can easily measure the air temperature in multiple points, and check the humidity levels in rooms – which provides data about conditions that influence not only human comfort, but also the growth of mould, the possibility to store various substances etc. One of the advantages of these devices is their support for the MODBUS protocol, a standard industrial solution, thanks to which they can be incorporated into already existing systems with minimal effort on the part of technicians (more info).