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Renesas’ New 16-bit RL78/G24 MCU Delivers Top-Class Performance for Motor Control and Power Supply Control Systems

20.11. 2023 | News

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced a new addition to its popular RL78 microcontroller (MCU) Family that includes 8- and 16-bit devices for power-sensitive applications. The RL78/G24 features the highest performance among all the devices in the RL78 family, boosting its performance with an application-specific Flexible Application Accelerator (FAA) and a fast CPU that can achieve an operating frequency of 48MHz. The device’s enhanced peripheral functions, including analog and timer capabilities, are ideal for motor control, power supply control, and lighting control. In particular, by using the FAA, the device can distribute tasks such as inverter control, encryption, sensing, and arithmetic operations efficiently and independently of the CPU, thus substantially boosting processing speed.

The RL78/G24 offers a standby function to reduce power consumption. Customers can choose from two modes, HALT mode, which cuts power consumption by 60% compared to normal operation mode, and STOP mode, which reduces power consumption by 99% compared to HALT mode. These power-saving modes allow the device to use less power overall (more info).