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Ultra-low capacitance ESD protection diodes from Nexperia protect automotive data interfaces

17.11. 2023 | News

Nexperia announced an extension to its portfolio of ultra-low capacitance ESD protection diodes designed to protect high-speed data lines in interfaces such as USB, HDMI, high-speed video links and ethernet in automotive infotainment applications.

These latest additions include PESD18VF1BLS-Q, PESD24VF1BLS-Q, PESD30VF1BLS-Q and PESD32VF1BLS-Q in DFN1006BD-2 package which enable optical inspection in automotive production lines using side wettable flanks. In addition, PESD18VF1BBL-Q, PESD24VF1BBL-Q and PESD30VF1BBL-Q are available in the compact DFN1006-2 package. All variants are in leadless packages to improve electrical performance and signal integrity while enabling miniaturization in automotive designs.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) diodes protect critical electronic systems and subsystems by dissipating the high energy of electrostatic discharges. This protects vital SOCs (system on chip) and other components from getting damaged during an ESD event (more info).