GW Instek Launches The New GPP-3650 Triple-Channel Programmable DC Power Supply

18.05. 2023 | News

GW Instek launches the new GPP-3650 Triple-Channel Programmable DC Power Supply to augment the GPP-3060/6030 with the extended model. The augmented model GPP-3650 has the same maximum output power of 385W as that of GPP-3060/6030.

GPP-3650 inherits the high program resolution (1mV/0.1mA) and read back resolution (0.1mV/0.1mA) of the GPP series with low-ripple noise characteristics ≦1mVrms/≦2mArms and ≦100µs output transient recovery ability. An independent output on-off switch is provided for each channel.

For series and parallel applications of CH1 and CH2, the tracking function can automatically switch to series or parallel output without additional external wiring. Multiple display modes including single channel or multi-channel setting value, measurement value and waveform display to collocate with the built-in output monitoring function allow users to set the monitoring conditions according to their needs so as to generate an alarm or stop the output during the measurement process in order to stop the measurement and protect the customer's DUT (more info).

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