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Battery quality proven through extensive international standards-compliant testing

16.03. 2023 | News

The DC Hipot test is one of the electrical safety tests in the module production of LIBs (lithium-ion batteries). The required test conditions depend on the standards required for each battery. The DC Hipot tester ST5680 has the specifications to comply with a wide range of international standards. It has the performance to comply with a wide range of DC Hipot tests and insulation resistance tests, as well as a wide variety of features to prove battery quality.

Batteries are judged not only with numerical values, but also with the waveform display of output voltage and leakage current during the test. The displayed waveform on the main unit monitor enables analysis of the cause of failure based on fluctuations during the test that cannot be determined numerically.

Faulty equipment wiring in the DC Hipot test can cause false positive results even when the test object is not in contact with the equipment. False positive test results can cause defective products to be released into the market. The DC Hipot Tester ST5680 prevents false positive results through its contact check function (more info).