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New 256-channel ADC from ams OSRAM reduces power and design complexity in high-performance CT detectors

09.03. 2023 | News

ams OSRAM introduced the AS5911, a 256-channel analog-to-digital converter for digitizing signals from photodiode arrays in high-performance computed tomography (CT) scanners.

Smaller than current competing specialist ADCs for CT detectors, the AS5911 has a reduced footprint that facilitates its integration in a variety of detector form factors, including 4-side buttable solutions thanks to its reduced external bill of materials (BOM) and embedded components. The AS5911 leads to lower system complexity by having integrated LDO voltage regulators, reference voltages, a temperature sensor, supply decoupling capacitors and on-chip calibration features.

The power dissipation is yet an additional significant benefit of the AS5911. At just 1.25mW per channel in low-power mode, it consumes less power than existing products on the market. Its low power consumption facilitates temperature stabilization strategies by CT scanner manufacturers, ultimately yielding better system performance and potential savings in thermal management (more info).