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Food Manufacturers Boost Production with Yamaha Robots

23.11. 2022 | News

Automating any processes in a production sequence can simplify operational challenges as well as increasing efficiency and quality. Yamaha Motor Robotics FA Section has helped companies in different sectors of the food industry to realise these benefits by introducing robots to handle packaging and labelling.

One of Yamaha’s customers in food production, an established brand of baked sweets with a history stretching back over 100 years, recently installed an array of SCARA robots to optimise production capacity when packing the sweets into boxes of various sizes.

Using conventional manual packaging, a different number of workers is needed in the production area at any given time, depending on the numbers of boxes ordered and the quantity of sweets to be packed. Figure 1 illustrates workstations in the production area. The table shows how the optimum number of workers fluctuates according to the production target. This challenges managers to ensure that only the required number of workers is present on a daily basis.

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