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12V SMD LEDs by OptoSupply

18.11. 2022 | News

LEDs have various forward voltages, depending, among other things, on the colour of the light emitted and the operating conditions (temperature). The specific performance of an LED is achieved using constant-current control.

In the most demanding applications, specialist integrated circuits are used for this purpose, however, in many instances LEDs function as simple indicators – in such a case, the correct operating parameters will be achieved by a suitably selected resistor. In some situations, it is placed in the same package as the diode structure. This solution is quite common in components intended for through-hole mounting (THT). OptoSupply provides customers (through the TME catalogue) with a family of LEDs with an integrated resistor – however, these components are designed for surface mounting (SMD).

The LEDs presented here operate at 12V. Thanks to the integrated resistor, the target device can be smaller in size – while the affordable price of the products will not translate into increased production costs.

The LEDs from OptoSupply are available in white (warm and cold), red, green and blue versions. They are enclosed in a 3528/PLCC2 package with a light emission (viewing) angle of 120°. They can perform a number of conventional functions, mainly signalling, and also act as a source of illumination (more info).