Farnell launches episode five of ‘The Innovation Experts’ podcast with ABB

19.11. 2022 | News

Farnell launched the fifth episode in its new global podcast series, The Innovation Experts. This latest instalment features ABB, one of the world’s leading technology leaders in robotics, machine automation and digitisation.

Series 2 shares the opinions of leading industry experts, uncovering the trends, challenges, products, and solutions that enable the global transition to Industry 4.0 principles and accelerate innovation in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

ABB provides detailed insights on their comprehensive digitisation program in this new episode. Over the years, ABB not only introduced new software and manufacturing systems to their existing production lines but applied this technology throughout the entire value chain to increase end-to-end transparency and visibility. ABB has continued to drive innovation by implementing advanced automation with the rollout of robots and automated guided vehicles while using sensors to capture machine-level data for processing in the cloud, making it readily accessible to authorised users around the world.

ABB’s Massimiliano Cifalitti and Fabio Monachesi share their perspectives on how Industry 4.0 is driving a technology revolution and provide real-world examples to showcase how significant improvements in safety, productivity and cost reductions can be achieved. However, they agree that it’s not just about technology. Industry 4.0 is about partnering with the right people who share a common goal to increase productivity in a way that is safe and environmentally sustainable, with corporate responsibility becoming a key pillar of the new industrial era.

New episodes of The Innovation Experts are released regularly and cover key topics, including smart factory design and the power of automation, how to demonstrate return on investment from Industry 4.0 and much more. All previous podcast episodes in Series 2:

  • Episode 1: Upgrading to Industry 4.0 using new and existing measurements (Omega Engineering).
  • Episode 2: Aligning sustainability, business strategy and partnerships with Industry 4.0 (Schneider Electric)
  • Episode 3: Integration is the gateway to unlock Industry 4.0 (Advantech)
  • Episode 4: Achieving process automation with design and analytics (Eaton)

The fifth podcast episode, featuring ABB, is available now on Farnell’s Technical Resources Hub.

The final episode of Series 2 will feature Red Lion Controls.

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