Shaft potentiometers by SR Passives

19.09. 2022 | News

Shaft potentiometers are used for a variety of purposes – from industrial devices to consumer goods. In order to ensure the durability of the target product and limit the costs at the same time, manufacturers often pursue highly standardised solutions that are also affordable. The new range of SR Passives potentiometers comes in handy here.

The R9011 series potentiometers are constructed based on the carbon resistance track and offer linear characteristics. The components are placed in a plastic case, but feature an additional metal body that ensures strong and stable PCB mounting and also shields signals (which is important e.g. for audio applications). Horizontal and vertical variants are available, i.e. with PCB component leads that are parallel or perpendicular to the circuit surface. The pin pitch is 2.54mm. The plastic potentiometer shaft (with the diameter of 6mm and the length of 18mm) has knurled surface, on which many types of standardised knobs can be mounted.

The R9011 potentiometers available from the TME catalogue are delivered directly from the warehouses with the fastest shipment possible (more info).

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