Microchip Expands Its Portfolio of MPU-Based System-on-Modules with the SAM9X60D1G-SOM

12.09. 2022 | News

As the embedded market continues to grow rapidly and evolve, developers are seeking to optimize product development, or they may need to transition from a microcontroller (MCU) to a microprocessor (MPU) to handle increased processing requirements. To help developers with this transition and reduce design complexities, Microchip Technology announces it has expanded its portfolio of MPU System-on-Modules (SOMs) with the SAM9X60D1G-SOM ARM926EJ-S™-based embedded MPU running up to 600 MHz. Software for the SAM9X60D1G-SOM is available with bare metal or RTOS support through MPLAB® Harmony 3 or complete Linux® mainlined distributions.

The SOM, based on the SAM9X60D1G System in Package (SiP), is a small 28 mm × 28 mm hand-solderable module that includes the MPU and DDR in a single package, along with power supplies, clocks and memory storage. The SAM9X60D1G-SOM is Microchip’s first SOM equipped with 4 Gb SLC NAND Flash to maximize memory storage of data in application devices, while the on-board DDR reduces the supply and price risks associated with memory chips. The small-form factor SAM9X60D1G-SOM also includes an MCP16501 Power Management IC (PMIC), which simplifies the power design effort to a single 5V voltage rail to enable lower-power systems (more info).

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