Virtual Electronics Lab: How to Create an Oscilloscope Using Python and ADALM2000

06.01. 2022 | News

A virtual electronics laboratory is a collection of virtual instruments. It is a simulated electronics lab environment implemented as a software application, and it allows users to perform a multitude of electronic experiments. Having a physical, fully functional laboratory can be expensive and hard to manage. Imagine having the capability of an electronics laboratory that can fit inside your pocket; the possibilities are endless!

The article (Analog Devices) aims to demonstrate how users can develop their own virtual laboratory instruments using the ADALM2000. The Python programming language will be used in this article due to its simplicity, and also because it is open source. With the combination of Python and the ADALM2000, it is possible to develop several virtual laboratory instruments such as an oscilloscope, signal generator, digital multimeter, and many more. However, the article will only concentrate on one instrument—the oscilloscope. This is a good instrument to start with since it is one of the most fundamental instruments that we use in an actual electronics laboratory (more info).

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