New series of Hammond enclosures at TME

24.12. 2021 | News

Hammond Manufacturing was founded in 1917 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It became the first company in Canada to manufacture cabinets and enclosures for electronic devices. The brand is currently a leading supplier of high-quality enclosures for automation, consumer electronics and electrical engineering.

TME offer has been enriched by two series of Hammond enclosures: 1551SNAP and 1551V. These elements are widely used in the production of all kinds of sensors, motion detectors, alarm devices, and many other devices (primarily intended for wall and ceiling mounting). Some enclosures have vents that remove excess heat. They also make audio and light signals more efficient are ideally suited for air sensor devices.

The enclosures are made of durable ABS (Flame rating UL94-HB). In the catalogue they are available in 45mm, 60mm, and 80mm diameters and in white, grey, or black colours (more info).

Hammond (jpg)

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