New clamp meters by Fluke already available from TME’s catalogue

23.12. 2021 | News

The Fluke 393FC clamp meter is the world’s first device that is compliant with CAT III 1500V. It is designed for use in environments where high DC voltages are present, such as photovoltaic systems, solar power systems, railway industry or for testing batteries in server rooms. The clamp meter can measure voltage up to 1500V DC, 1000V AC and current up to 999.9A DC or AC (and using the attached iFlex AC flexible probe you can measure currents up to 2500A). The meter also offers True RMS measurement. In addition, it enables the measurement of resistance, capacitance, frequency and inrush current. The included test leads meet the CAT III 1500 V DC safety category.

Furthermore, the Fluke 393FC is IP54-rated, which makes it suitable for use in harsh environments such as outdoors. The clamp jaw is 25% thinner than that of the Fluke 37X series, which allows you to take measurements even in hard-to-reach places. The built-in Fluke Connect technology makes it possible to save measurement results and upload them to the cloud or to mobile devices.

The Fluke 377FC and 378FC clamp meters are powered by the company’s proprietary FieldSense™ technology, which allows you to measure simultaneously voltage and current on insulated wires. All you have to do is simply connect the black test lead to any earth ground, then clamp the jaw around the conductor. The meter display will show the reading of precise measurement of AC current, DC current (up to 999.9A) and AC voltage (up to 1000V). The devices feature the True RMS measurement function and additionally allow you to measure frequency, inrush current or resistance.

The Fluke 378FC clamp meter features automatic detection of power supply quality problems. When taking measurements using the FieldSense™ Technology, the device will alert you to problems with voltage, current or the power factor. With this function, you can quickly learn whether the problem lies in the power supply line or in the device itself. The 377FC and 378FC clamp meters, like the 393FC model, also support the Fluke Connect technology (more info).

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