Most Versatile maXTouch® Touchscreen Controller Ever Offers Extensive Screen Format Flexibility

20.12. 2021 | News

As the automotive market continues to demand larger touchscreens with more flexibility in size and shape, Microchip Technology Inc. is announcing a new maXTouch® touchscreen controller, that allows automotive designers to satisfy various and unique aspect ratios for touch displays in cars. This new offering includes additional functional safety support requested by OEMs.

The MXT1296M1T can reconfigure its driving and receiving touch channels to match the exact screen format, from 1:1 to 5:1 aspect ratio, including the popular 8:3 automotive aspect ratio. This feature enables the customer to efficiently use the number of touch channels available, without the need to select a larger, more expensive touch controller. Furthermore, customers can save additional development and validation time and resources by reusing a common PCB design to support different touch sensor aspect ratios. The MXT1296M1T is an industry first to enable the sensor channel reconfiguration by parameters. These settings do not require firmware modification, leading to lower design risk and faster time to market (more info).

MXT1296M1T (jpg)

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