PicoScope 2000 Series PC Oscilloscopes

18.11. 2021 | News

The British company Pico Technology is the market leader in lightweight and portable PC oscilloscopes, which offer an interesting alternative to traditional laboratory equipment.

The main line in the Pico Technology portfolio is the 2000 series. The devices are characterized not only by a very attractive price, but also by extensive functions. The 2000 series oscilloscopes are the ideal solution for engineers, service technicians, hobbyists, teachers, and students. In addition to the oscilloscope function, these ultra-compact devices have a built-in spectrum analyser and arbitrary waveform generator.

The 2000 series is equipped with two channels with the 10 MHz (PICOSCOPE2204A and PICOSCOPE2204A -D2 models), 25 MHz (PICOSCOPE2205A) or 50 MHz band (PICOSCOPE2206B, PICOSCOPE2206BMSO). Sample rates range from 100MS/sec to 1GS/sec, while memory record lengths range from 8kpts to 32Mpts. The PICOSCOPE2206BMSO is a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO), which, in addition to 2 analogue channels, has 16 digital inputs.

The main advantage of PicoScope oscilloscopes is the included free software, which provides the user with all the advanced functions (more info).

picoscope2000 (jpg)

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