Industry-first, ultra-small ALS with UVA detection for wearable and mobile devices

11.10. 2021 | News

ams OSRAM presents an ambient light sensor with proprietary UV-A light detection. Monitoring vital signs such as pulse or oxygen saturation in the blood via smartphones and smartwatches has been available for several years. The corresponding UV channel of the TSL2585 from ams OSRAM detects the amount of UV-A radiation in natural sunlight. This enables the user to be warned of excessive UV-A radiation. Thanks to its extremely compact dimensions the sensor is ideally suited for space-constrained wearable and other mobile applications.

TSL2585 has integrated light flicker detection on-chip and is equipped with three modulators with up to 14 kHz fast sampling rate. By providing the illuminance information and ambient light flicker information to the phone camera, it supports fast auto exposure of smartphone camera and removal of banding effects caused by flicker from environmental lighting.

The compact dimensions of the extremely flat package of only 2.0 mm x 1.0 mm x 0.35 mm allow for space-saving system designs helping manufacturers of extremely compact devices. The sensor can be operated with a voltage of 1.8V and consumes only 0.7µA when inactive (more info).

tsl2585 (jpg)

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