Hioki Announces Power Analyzer PW8001 and AC/DC Current Sensors CT6872 and CT6873

07.10. 2021 | News

HIOKI is proud to announce its all new "Power Analyzer PW8001 and AC/DC Current Sensors CT6872 and CT6873." Shipments of both are scheduled to begin at the end of 2021.

The Power Analyzer PW8001 is the new flagship model that brings together Hioki’s full technological expertise of highly advanced analysis and multi-frequency accuracy to respond to modern demands for high-precision, wide frequency bandwidth, and highly stabile measurement. Its next-generation digital platform enables high-speed power analysis of up to an astounding eight channels. In addition, its new current sensor interface makes Hioki’s phase-correction technology, crowning Hioki’s current sensors with unrivaled accuracy in the market, even more reliable and easier to use by automating settings that would otherwise be done by hand.

The CT6872 (50 A current rating) and CT6873 (200 A current rating) are through-type current sensors with dramatically improved frequency bandwidth and noise-resistant performance (more info).

pw8001 (jpg)

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