Parker Expands Thermal Interface Materials Offering with THERM-A-GAPTM GEL 75

09.06. 2021 | News

The Chomerics division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, announced the launch of THERM-A-GAP GEL 75, a 7.5 W/m-K single component dispensable thermal interface material designed for high performance applications.

THERM-A-GAP GEL 75 is a single component, gel material best suited for today’s high-powered electronics applications. When applied to a heat generating component, THERM-A-GAP GEL 75 provides minimal stress and pressure due to its low compression force and represents the highest thermal conductivity dispensable available from Parker Chomerics. Its flow rate is nearly 3x faster than the next closest performing material in the THERM-A-GAP family.

THERM-A-GAP GEL 75 is best suited for high volume, automated production, specifically found in telecommunications equipment, automotive safety electronics modules, power supplies, and memory and power modules. 

The opportunity for automation is a significant advantage for THERM-A-GAP GEL 75 over thermal gap pads because gel dispensing systems allow for support of multiple size and thickness requirements with a single system configuration. While thermal gap pad placement can be automated to an extent, the equipment and fixturing required to do so is typically quite specialised and may not be readily adapted from one job to another.

THERM-A-GAP GEL 75 is now available globally in different sizes of syringes, cartridges, and pails to suit a wide variety of customer needs. Learn more about THERM-A-GAP GEL 75 and the THERM-A-GAP family of products at

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