Yokogawa Releases High Accuracy Current Sensor Element for Use with the WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer

03.06. 2021 | News

Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation announces that it has developed the 760903 current sensor element for use with the company’s power measurement solution, the WT5000 precision power analyzer. The 760903 current sensor element includes a number of new features that simplify the setup and use of external current sensors.

The 760903 current sensor element is capable of converting large currents from external current sensors to levels that are sufficiently low for direct input to the WT5000 precision power analyzer. It joins a product lineup that includes the 760901 (30 A maximum) and 760902 (up to 5 A) input elements, both of which can directly input current to the WT5000. As the 760903 current sensor element runs off the internal DC power supply of the WT5000, this eliminates the need for the external current sensor to have its own power supply, greatly simplifying the setting up of an evaluation system. When used together with a Yokogawa CT current sensor, this system can measure currents of up to 2000 Arms. In addition, dedicated cables in lengths of 3, 5, and 10 meters are available that enable high-precision measurements even in harsh noise environments. And for applications that require the use of external sensors to measure high currents, a function in the WT5000 precision power analyzer improves measurement accuracy by correcting for phase differences between the sensor inputs and outputs (more info).


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