Siemens delivers next-generation, comprehensive hardware-assisted verification system

06.04. 2021 | News

Siemens Digital Industries Software today unveiled its next-generation Veloce™ hardware-assisted verification system for the rapid verification of highly sophisticated, next-generation integrated circuit (IC) designs. This is the first complete, integrated offering that combines best-in-class virtual platform, hardware emulation, and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) prototyping technologies and paves the way to leverage the latest powerful hardware-assisted verification methodologies.


New products in the Veloce hardware-assisted verification system are: 

  • Veloce HYCON (HYbrid CONfigurable) for virtual platform/software-enabled verification. Veloce HYCON delivers innovative technology that allows customers to engineer and deploy complex hybrid emulation systems for their next-generation system-on-chip (SoC) designs.
  • Veloce Strato+, a capacity upgrade to the Veloce Strato hardware emulator. With an industry-leading capacity roadmap that scales up to 15 billion gates, Veloce Strato+ combines the industry’s highest total throughput with its fastest co-model bandwidth and time-to-visibility.
  • Veloce Primo for enterprise-level FPGA prototyping, an internally developed enterprise prototyping solution that combines industry-leading runtime performance with exceptionally fast prototype bring-up.
  • Veloce proFPGA for desktop FPGA prototyping. With a modular approach to capacity, the Veloce proFPGA family of products delivers scalability across a range of capacity requirements.

This highly cohesive system sets a new standard for the future direction of hardware-assisted verification methodologies. The system takes hardware, software and system verification to the next level of intelligent digitalization by streamlining and optimizing verification cycles while helping to reduce verification cost.

Additional info you can find in original Press Release.

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