GDP-compliant data logging powered by digital temperature sensors including ISO 17025 calibration certificates

16.10. 2020 | News

Sensirion is proud to announce that the new STS32 temperature sensor will be available from October 2020 onward. This digital sensor comes with an ISO 17025-accredited, three-point calibration certificate. The calibration data and the sensor specifications are compliant with good distribution practices (GDPs) for pharmaceutical and medical logistics. Data logger manufacturers can eliminate costly and technically challenging calibration operations by integrating the STS32 into their loggers.

Pharmaceutical logistics is quite a strongly regulated industry. When medical or pharmaceutical products are being shipped, minute temperature monitoring has to be maintained to guarantee both product and patient safety. One particular quality requirement concerns the three-point temperature calibration of the loggers used, demonstrating their suitability. With the analog temperature sensors commonly used in the past, the whole measurement chain had to be calibrated, which limited calibration scalability and cost optimization. Meanwhile, digital sensors incorporating the complete measurement chain on a chip allow pre-calibrated temperature sensors to be used in data loggers, eliminating the need for the manufacturer to perform additional calibration procedures (more info).


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