Plasmatreat manufactures production cells including automated solutions for surface treatment of connector strips

15.09. 2020 | News

In addition to the Openair-Plasma Systems for surface treatment Plasmatreat GmbH also offers individual production cells with automated solutions to ensure seamless integration in the production lines. Plasma Treatment Units (PTU) are tailored to the customer's technical processes and are equipped with various operating options. Here Plasmatreat offers the solution of coordinated process automation combining efficient surface treatment and a perfectly coordinated handling of assemblies and components.

Plasmatreat is currently installing a production cell with the external dimensions 1200x1200x2100mm (width × depth × height) for the automotive industry in which various connector strips are being handled. These components are installed in commercial vehicles, for example in engine or transmission control systems. To manufacture these control units, the polyamide housing of the connector strip must be pre-treated so that a silicone sealant can later adhere to it. For this purpose, the plastic surface is cleaned and activated by using Openair-Plasma. A RD1004 rotary plasma jet is used for this purpose, which generates cold plasma. This plasma jet is particularly suitable for thermally sensitive and geometrically complex surfaces and materials. The patented rotation principle distributes the plasma effect evenly over the materials to be treated. In the process, the surface is briefly and pulsed coated several times, which is a very effective form of cleaning and activation, while at the same time minimizing the heat input.

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