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ams AS6501 offers speed, precision for LiDAR and medical imaging applications

09.11. 2018 | News

ams introduced the AS6501, a two-channel time-to-digital converter (TDC) which enables high-speed scanning and high precision in single-beam optical ranging equipment and medical imaging systems.

The AS6501 features high-speed LVDS interfaces for the Start and Stop signals at the light source in optical ranging equipment and scanners, and LVDS measurement outputs. It can be used to measure the time-of-flight of optical signals to a precision of 20ps per channel, or 10ps in dual-channel high-resolution mode, and captures measurements at very high speeds of up to 70Msamples/s.

By optimizing the AS6501 for single-beam applications, ams has been able to combine very high performance with compact dimensions. The two-channel AS6501 is housed in a QFP48 package measuring just 7mm x 7mm, a 40% reduction in board footprint compared to its four-channel counterpart, the TDC-GPX2. The AS6501, which includes on-board logic for measuring the time interval between the Start and Stop signals, requires few external components (more info).