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Siglent Introduces New 16 V/8 A DC Power Supply

09.08. 2018 | News

Siglent Technologies has announced the release of its new 16 V/8 A DC power supply, the SPD1168X.

The programmable DC power supply includes set-point resolution of up to 1mV / 1mA and excellent setting and read back accuracy. Users can generate even very small voltage or current changes, while maintaining a well-regulated DC output across varying loads. A lab power supply must produce a predictable and controlled output. This is necessary in order to protect the device being tested – the load. The SPD1168X power supply avoids over shoot, thus protecting the user’s important device under test. Ripple and noise is a low ≤ 350μVrms / 3mVpp, providing users with a cleaner power supply test environment. The fast transient response time is less than 50μs.

Using remote sensing, the SPD1168X can compensate for up to a 1V loss in the output leads. Thus ensuring that the voltage supplied to the DUT is the same voltage that the power supply is set to.