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Micro Crystal ultra-thin 32.768 kHz Crystal improves oscillator reliability

03.08. 2018 | News

Micro Crystal AG, the ultra-low-power, low-voltage solution provider announced the next step in miniaturization, CM9V-T1A 0.3, a 32.768 kHz Quartz Crystal with a maximum thickness of 0.35 and a foot print of just 1.6 x 1.0 mm. This new tiny geometry enhances the circuitry in application where bending radii are critical. It complements the new bendable thin film batteries from www.renata.com.

The crystals are ideal for smart cards, e-textile, wearables and activity bands, embedded modules and health care, e-medicine treatment sticking plaster. The 32.768 kHz Crystal family has proven track record in thousands of applications worldwide (Wearables, IoT, Industrial, Automotive, Healthcare and Consumer).

The CM9V-T1A 0.3 is a low frequency SMT Quartz Crystal Unit that incorporates a tuning fork Quartz Crystal Resonator. It operates under vacuum in a hermetically sealed ceramic package with metal lid. The devices are available for extended operating temperature range. More info: 32.768 kHz & Low Frequency Tuning Fork Quartz Crystals.