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Hioki Launches Switch Mainframe and Multiplexer Module

26.07. 2018 | News

Hioki is pleased to announced the launch of the Switch Mainframe SW1001/SW1002 and Multiplexer Module SW9001/SW9002. The multichannel switches are designed to facilitate measurement of multiple batteries by switching among them. Used in combination with other products such as the DC Voltmeter DM7276 and the Battery Impedance Meter BT4560, the new products can measure parameters such as open voltage and internal impedance (internal resistance) for multiple batteries. Since the Multiplexer Module SW9001/SW9002, which is inserted into the Switch Mainframe SW1001/SW1002, features circuitry that is designed specifically for impedance measurement, the equipment is able to deliver highly reliable multichannel measurement with low measured value error.

The SW1001 has slots for 3 multiplexer modules, while the SW1002 has slots for 12 modules, enabling customers to choose the number of modules based on the number of channels they plan to measure. The SW1002 can measure battery voltage for up to 264 channels and internal impedance for up to 132 channels (more info).