The Industry's First Power Supply ICs for High-Fidelity Audio

11.06. 2018 | News

ROHM has recently announced the availability of high-fidelity power supply ICs optimized for audio devices requiring high-resolution playback. The BD372xx series are the first audio power supply ICs to combine leading-edge analog and sound reproduction technologies. In addition to integrating a newly developed fast response error amp circuit and low-noise architecture, multiple parameters that were shown to affect audio quality in the development and manufacturing processes were optimized via real-world listening tests, resulting in industry-leading performance in all key characteristics (voltage stability, noise level, and power supply symmetry) required by power supplies for audio equipment.

In recent years, the popularization of high-resolution audio sources has increased the demand for audio components and devices that can provide even more accurate sound reproduction. At the same time, the power supplied to audio equipment has a significant effect on sound quality. As such the power supply IC plays an important role in supplying clean power with minimal voltage fluctuation and noise. Providing clean power involves optimizing 3 key characteristics: voltage stability, noise level, and symmetry between positive and negative power supplies. However, until now there has not been an IC capable of meeting these needs, presenting an obstacle in achieving higher sound quality.


In response, ROHM has developed the industry's first audio power supply ICs that excels in all 3 characteristics by combining proprietary power supply analog design technology that leverages power processes with audio quality expertise. The result is a very clean power supply compared with conventional solutions, making it possible to achieve higher audio quality; including improved sound imaging (location and distance of sound source) and resolution (realism and depth).

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