GaN Power Modules Deliver Over 1400 W/in3 for 48 V – 12 V DC-DC and Up to 10 MHz for PoL Power Conversion

09.04. 2018 | News

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) introduces two new GaN power modules for DC-DC conversion, increasing efficiency across the 48 V to point-of-load power architecture. The EPC9205 is a high-power density PCB-based power module for 48 V – 12 V conversions while the EPC9204 address the 20 V – point-of-load conversion with an ultra-thin profile PCB-based power module.

The EPC9205 is an 80 V, 10 A PCB-based power module featuring the 100 V EPC2045 eGaN FET for “plug and play” evaluation of the high performance gained with gallium nitride power transistors. The EPC9205 exceeds 1400 W/in3 per cubic inch in a 48 V – 12 V application, and occupies less than one-tenth of a cubic inch of board space.

The EPC9204 is a 20 V, 10 A PCB-based power module featuring the 30 V EPC2111 eGaN® IC capable of operating up to 10 MHz. This high frequency capability of the GaN solution reduces the size of the passive components resulting in an ultra-low profile of just 1.2 mm from PCB board.

Applications benefitting from the performance of the EPC9204 include point-of-load power conversion for servers, thin form factor mobile devices, and USB-C.

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