New R&S ZN-Z32/33 VNA calibration solution for TVAC and multiport production testing

16.11. 2017 | News

Rohde & Schwarz presents new vector network analyzer calibration equipment: the ZN-Z32 and ZN-Z33 inline calibration units. These units are ideal for satellite component testing in thermal vacuum chambers (TVAC) and for multiport component testing on production lines.

Unlike conventional automatic network analyzer calibration units, the new ZN-Z32/33 inline calibration units are permanently connected to the test setup. This makes them an ideal solution for test setups that require frequent recalibration, especially where the test setup is inaccessible.

The new inline calibration units are the only solution available for testing in TVAC chambers where it is not possible to access the test set under vacuum conditions. After a basic calibration, carried out under ambient environmental conditions, the test set components are brought inside the TVAC before the vacuum is applied and testing starts. Once the vacuum is applied, recalibration is required after every temperature change due to thermal drift effects. With the calibration units in place and linked by a CAN bus, this recalibration can be easily performed.


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