Yokogawa Releases LS3300 AC Power Calibrator

03.08. 2017 | News

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announces that it has developed the LS3300, an AC power calibrator that can accurately and stably produce a wide range of AC power outputs for the calibration of power meters and other types of measuring instruments. As it comes with only those functions needed for power meter calibration, the LS3300 will dramatically reduce the initial cost for customers.

The LS3300 can calibrate AC voltage, current, and power as well as test both power phase and power factor using a wide range of set values. While costing considerably less than other instruments thanks to its inclusion of only those calibration functions needed for power calibration, the LS3300 delivers a high accuracy of ±0.045% and a superb stability of ±0.01% per hour.

Unlike many other calibrators on the market, the LS3300 includes as a standard feature the ability to output currents of up to 62.5 A for long periods of time. Further, three LS3300s can be synchronized to easily output currents of up to 180 A, thus enabling the calibration of instruments such as smart meters and shunt-resistor current sensors (more info).


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