Win a Microchip a PIC32MK1024GPE Development Board for Motor Control and General Purpose Applications

07.07. 2017 | News
Author: Microchip

Win a Microchip PIC32MK1024GPE Development Board (DM320106) from DPS. The PIC32MK GP Development Kit offers a low cost solution for developers looking to build projects with the PIC32MK series of devices, featuring a rich assortment of CAN, USB, ADC and GPIO type inputs. This board also includes a Soloman Systec SSD1963 graphics driver and 30-Pin connector to enable graphics applications with available LCD panels.

The PIC32MK devices have peripheral block support for MathWorks® MATLAB® and Simulink® as well as open-source-based Scilab® for customers interested in numerical computation Computing environments for engineering and scientific applications.

All GP devices feature a 120 MHz 32-bit core that supports Digital Signal Processor (DSP) instructions. Additionally, to ease control algorithm development, a double-precision floating point unit is integrated into the MCU core enabling customers to utilize floating-point based modeling and simulation tools for code development.

This board features include:

  • 4 CAN 2.0 Ports with Transceivers, 2 supporting DB9 type connectors
  • Dual Full Speed USB supporting simultaneous Host and/or Device, including a USB-C hardware compatible connector
  • Dual MikroBUS CLICK headers supporting the wide array of CLICK Boards
  • One XC32 Header for supporting Microchip add-on modules for audio and bluetooth
  • 30 Pin general IO header for analog and digital signal connections.

Additionally this board supports USB Programming and Debug via the on-board PIC Kit On Board (PKOB) eliminating the need for external programming hardware.


For your chance to win a Microchip PIC32MK1024GPE Development Board, visit and enter your details in the online entry form.

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