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Graphene & 2D Materials Europe - Accelerating The Commercialisation Process For Graphene

29.03. 2017 | News

“The Graphene and 2D Materials Europe event will be the 10th business-focused IDTechEx exhibition and conference. This event is squarely focused on addressing the critical challenge facing the industry: accelerating the commercialisation process.

This is why our event brings together the graphene community together with end users industries such as printed electronics, 3D printing, energy storage, supercapacitors, wearable technology and e-textiles, structural electronics and electric vehicles.

“ This creates a unique environment in which our attendees can learn the latest innovation in the world of graphene,  can hear real voice of customers from end users industries, and can benchmark graphene against rival technologies all in one place. “, says Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, Research Director at IDTechEx.

“ We are expecting more than 3000 business-focused attendees and more than 200 exhibitors. This will create an unrivalled opportunity for our graphene attendees and exhibitors to connect with potential end users and partners within all the leading target markets for graphene. This will really help push graphene out of the lab and into the market”, says Mr Thomas Keenan, Sales Director at IDTechEx.

Our event is designed with the needs and trends of the graphene industry in mind. Here is a brief summary:

The Graphene market is at a cross roads. At this event, Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, the IDTechEx researcher covering graphene, will give an industry update, providing the latest analysis of the market for graphene and carbon nanotubes including latest revenue, investment, production capacity, and application/business dynamic trends. You will then hear from Alpha Assembly Solutions, a leading player in the business of electronic materials particularly for the PCB industry, on its graphene products aimed at the electronic industry.  Next, you will hear about how Talga Resources plans on exploiting its high-quality graphite mines to volume produce graphene in order to remove a major market barrier: graphene cost. Standard Graphene, a leading Korean graphene company, will then discuss its progress in commercialising graphene across numerous application cases.

The event will then focus on the latest advances in the world of graphene, both in terms of production processes and commercial applications. Versarien, a UK company focused on graphene and active in acquisitions, will outline how it is planning on commercialising graphene in real-world applications. Next, NanoXplore will review its progress in graphene and how it has succeeded in driving sales by identifying niche applications and by shortening the time-to-market by developing downstream in-house capabilities such as blow moulding.

GrapheneTech will tell our audience about how it can enhance the applications of graphene via large-scale productions, whilst Thomas Swan will discuss its progress in exfoliating graphene and other 2D materials without compromising product consistency. Advanced Graphene Products will cover its metallurgical graphene film technology and its use as a sensing platform, whilst Suragus GmbH will discuss characterisation of large area graphene. Finally, the Graphene Council will share the results of its latest market surveys and will advocate the need for standards in the graphene industry.

Conductive inks are emerging as one of the first major graphene products. Indeed, IDTechEx forecasts that graphene inks and coatings will be the first technology category to be commercialised, potentially exceeding 300 tpa sales as early as 2021. This is why our event focuses strong on this topic. This is why we have invited the likes of FGV Cambridge Nanosystems, Centre for Process Innovation and GNext to talk about graphene inks.

We have also invited leading players working on competing technologies. For example, Copprint will discuss low-cost copper inks, Agfa-Materials will focus on silver nanoparticle inks, and Fujikura Kasei will outline the latest applications for its electric conductive paste technology (DOTITE).

Energy storage is also a major focus area of graphene companies. Indeed, multiple products have already been launched and IDTechEx forecasts that this will become $100 market by2026. Indeed, carbon nanotubes too have found success in this market and are now well into the volume growth phase. This is why we have strongly focused on this topic too.

At show you will hear from Graphenea who will discuss the role that graphene can play in lithium sulphur batteries and from  Skeleton Technologies who will report on its progress in manufacturing graphene supercapacitors. ZapGo Ltd will then outline how far it has gone in commercialising its graphene supercapacitors whilst Thales will share its insights on the performance of spray coated graphene supercapacitors. AzTrong will tell us more about the approach it is taking towards enabling a fully integrated turnkey graphene production process and how it can be applied to the energy storage industry. We will also hear about the latest academic research on graphene in energy storage from the Northern Arizona University.

Structural electronics is a mega trend that will lead to a root and branch transformation of the electronic industry. It will enable the industry to move beyond the rigid-component-in-a-box approach towards invisible structurally integrated electronics. Graphene can also play a role here. This is why we have talks from the likes of Imagine Intelligent Materials who will discuss how functionalized graphene can transform ordinary materials into conductive intelligent materials. We will also hear from other key players active in structural electronics generally such as Fiat Research Centre, TactoTek, TNO and others.