česky english February 23, 2024

EverMAX s.r.o.

Contact person: Martin Žižka

Fields of expertise

EverMAX s.r.o. is in Czech Republic engaged in PCB Manufacturing, specifically Single-Sided PCB, Double-Sided PCB, Multilayer PCB, Flex PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB and Stencils. Also, EverMAX s.r.o. is good at EMS - Electronics Manufacturing Services, specifically PCB Assembly and Material Procurement. Next, EverMAX s.r.o. does Product Development, specifically Circuitry Design, PCB Design, Prototyping, Testing and Consulting. Next, EverMAX s.r.o. does Products & Solutions, specifically Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Communication, Medical / Health Care, Aerospace and Military.

PCB Manufacturing

Single-Sided PCB yes
Double-Sided PCB yes
Multilayer PCB yes
Flex PCB yes
Rigid-Flex PCB yes
Stencils yes

EMS - Electronics Manufacturing Services

PCB Assembly yes
Box Build no
Cable Assembly no
Repair no
Material Procurement yes

Additional info:
ISO 9001:2015
From prototypes to standard production series

Product Development

Circuitry Design yes
PCB Design yes
Prototyping yes
Testing yes
Consulting yes

Products & Solutions

Consumer Electronics yes
Industrial yes
Communication yes
Medical / Health Care yes
Aerospace yes
Military yes