česky english July 15, 2024

Unveil the brand new GW Instek MPO-2000 series programmable oscilloscopes


An epoch-making era for test and measurement by collocating Python applications

GW Instek, a professional electronic test and measurement instrument manufacturer, launched its new MPO-2000 series programmable oscilloscopes. This series innovatively introduces the Python programming language, which can realize program control through Python scripts, meeting the demands of single-instrument testing and multi-instrument collaborative testing. The MPO-2000 series no longer requires the connection control of a personal computer and can implement small automated and semi-automated test systems. It is especially suitable for engineers and makers to utilize their creativity to accomplish various test and measurement applications and automate simple and repetitive test and measurement work, thereby making test and measurement jobs more convenient and efficient.

According to the 2022 GitHub analysis report, Python is the programming language used by the most people after JavaScript. Python is widely used in scientific computing, data analysis, web development, artificial intelligence and other fields since Python is easy to learn and use; has high flexibility; and owns a huge application library and development tools. With the introduction of the MPO-2000 series, GW Instek believes that education and training, production testing and quality control will all be benefited from the application of Python technology.

Other than providing users with innovative Python applications at an affordable price, the MPO-2000 series is also a "five-in-one test and measurement instrument" that is equipped with an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, an arbitrary waveform generator, a digital multimeter, and a programmable DC power supply, and the series also features seven innovative functions, including:

  • Python script executable
  • I-V curve for component test
  • MQTT protocol
  • Advanced bus decoding
  • Spectrogram
  • Python GUI Library (Professional version only)
  • USB CDC-ACM, USB HID Protocol (Professional version only)

The MPO-2000 series provides Basic version and Professional version with a total of four models, which are respectively represented by the model suffix B and P. In terms of bandwidth, the Basic version is 100MHz 4CH/2CH; the Professional version is 200MHz 4CH/2CH. The main difference is that the Professional version provides larger program memory space, more system resources, and the ability to process longer waveform data.

The MPO-2000 Basic version has executable Demo programs (including USB device control and GUI programs), Python programs provided by users, and CAN-FD and USB 2.0 advanced bus decoding functions. In addition to CAN-FD and USB 2.0, the Professional version features three advanced bus decoding functions, including FlexRay, USB-PD and I2S. These five standard advanced bus decoding functions make the MPO-2000 series more cost-competitive compared to other European and American brand oscilloscopes that users need to purchase these functions as options.

Furthermore, the Professional version also provides USB CDC device control to meet the needs of multi-instrument collaborative testing, and supports the Python GUI library, allowing users to modify the original built-in Python application, or write programs to present their curve drawings and the GUI operation menu to be packaged into a Python program developed by users.

The MPO-2000P is the only product in its series with a built-in Python GUI library. Users can build their own test systems at a low cost, with various executable Python APPs built-in. An affordable all-in-one instrument is ideal for test and measurement automation teaching courses, small-scale automated testing of production lines, component tolerance testing for quality assurance, and diverse testing applications.

GW Instek expects that the launch of the MPO-2000 series will further promote the innovative development of the test and measurement instrument industry and assist users in achieving more efficient and accurate testing tasks.

For more product information: www.gwinstek.com/en-global/products/detail/MPO-2000