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STMicroelectronics extends brand protection with NFC tags featuring state-of-the-art on-chip digital signature

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State-of-the-art technology protects high-value product’s journey through the supply chain and consumers with blockchain-compatible elliptic curve cryptography.

STMicroelectronics’ ST25TA-E NFC tag IC strengthens the security of digital product passports and blockchain-based applications by implementing state-of-the-art on-chip digital signature mechanism, TruST25™ Edge.

Based on elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), running on an advanced asymmetric cryptographic engine embedded in the ST25TA-E, the new on-chip signature ensures the authenticity of an attached physical object. Combining both on-chip and off-chip digital-signature mechanisms, the new ST25TA-E NFC tag comprehensively protects against counterfeit and grey market activities and enhances opportunities for consumer engagement.

The ST25TA-E meets the high standards expected by luxury brands in particular and is ideal for protecting high-value products such as designer clothes and accessories, art, or other items that need a digital certificate. Tapping with an NFC-enabled smartphone can track the attached product’s entire journey through the supply chain to verify the provenance of individual products and assist security auditing.

 The combination of strengthened authentication and on-chip user memory also lets brand owners deliver tailored consumer experiences. Customers can interact easily using a smartphone to access content stored on the tag and engage with the brand online, including securely registering and transferring ownership.

In blockchain-based applications, the TruST25 Edge ECC-based signature is natively supported by blockchain technology, ensuring immutability and transparency of data.

Further features of the ST25TA-E tag IC include partial and whole-memory protection by password in both read and write modes, permanent file locking to prevent rewriting, and anonymous mode to protect consumer privacy. In addition, support for Augmented NFC data exchange format (NDEF) enables simultaneous and native data transfer, initiated conveniently using a smartphone without needing to install an app.

All features

  • Includes ST state-of-the-art patented technology
  • Contactless interface
    • Compliant with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
    • NFC Forum Type 4 tag
    • Up to 106 kbps data rate
    • Internal tuning capacitance: 68 pF ± 4 pF
  • Memory
    • Up to 2048 bits (256 bytes) of user flash memory
    • Support of NDEF data structure
    • Data retention: 25 years at 55 °C
    • Minimum endurance: 500 k write cycles
    • Pages erase time down to 0.8 ms
    • Chaining capability
    • Augmented NDEF (contextual automatic NDEF message)
    • 4-digit unique tap code
    • 24-bit general purpose counter with antitearing
  • Data protection
    • Permanent lock file protection for read/write access
    • 64-bit password-based file protection for read/write access with diagnosis and mitigation services
  • Chip identification and protection
    • 7-byte unique identifier (UID)
    • TruST25 digital signature (Off-chip ECDSA)
  • Product authentication and digitization
    • Up to 2-slot secure key storage
    • Edge TruST25 digital signature (on-chip ECDSA)
    • Compliant with blockchain-backed evidence of authenticity
  • Security features
    • Active shield
    • Unique serial number on each die
    • Protection against state-of-the-art attacks
  • Privacy
    • Scalable NFC-enabled privacy modes
      • Anonymous, and kill mode with untraceable UID (fixed or random ID).
      • Configurable kill mode for permanent deactivation of the tag

Delivering the enhanced security of on-chip digital signatures, enabled by advanced ECC-based asymmetric cryptography, the ST25TA-E is convenient, secure, easy to use, and competitively priced from $0.325 for orders of 1000 pieces. Samples are available now and volume production is scheduled to start in August 2024.

For further information please visit www.st.com/luxury-st25tae