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• Dielectric elastomers for actuators
• IST makes it possible to prove the quality of bare PCBs produced
• Qorvo MatchCalc for high frequency applications
• Even better HMI? Graphic display modules will help
• Power integrity on high-speed PCBs

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Transparent Conductive Films and Materials: Transition from old to new


The market composition of transparent conductive films and materials has not dramatically shifted for some years. It is heavily reliant upon select markets such as flat consumer small/medium sized electronic touch screens. Indeed, the IDTechEx...

18.02. 2019 | News

Single-Chip Security Solutions Offer Simple Implementation While Safeguarding Sensitive IoT Data


Designers of internet of things (IoT) devices now have a smarter and more secure way to protect stored, sensitive information with the highly integrated MAX36010 and MAX36011 single-chip security supervisors from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc....

18.02. 2019 | News

Experts talk about embedded intelligence


More than two decades ago, the event that was the precursor to the embedded world conference had put the spotlight on embedded intelligence. Back then, it was more of a vision of the future; in the meantime, embedded intelligence is becoming more...

16.02. 2019 | News

Nano-Quiescent Step-Down Converters from ST Save Energy and Space


STMicroelectronics’ ST1PS01 step-down converters are engineered for small size, low quiescent current, and high efficiency at all values of load current, to save energy and real-estate in keep-alive point-of-load supplies and IoT devices...

15.02. 2019 | News

FLIR Launches Second Generation Thermal Camera for Self-Driving Cars


FLIR Systems, Inc. announced two thermal imaging cameras for the automotive industry, its next-generation thermal vision Automotive Development Kit (ADK™) for the development of self-driving cars and a handheld diagnostic thermal camera for...

14.02. 2019 | News

New multi-channel spectral sensor from ams


ams launched a miniature spectral sensor chip that brings laboratory-grade multi-channel color analysis capability to portable and mobile devices. In end products such as mobile phones or accessories, the new AS7341 from ams produces more precise...

11.02. 2019 | News

First 12-bit, 29-kHz RGB LED driver family enables vivid color and seamless animation


Texas Instruments introduced a new family of LED drivers with integrated, independent color mixing, brightness control and a power-saving mode. The LP5018, LP5024, LP5030 and LP5036 enable smooth, vivid color and reduce system power consumption....

08.02. 2019 | News

IDTechEx Show! Agenda is Live: Connecting Brands with Emerging Technologies


The IDTechEx Show! on 10 - 11 April in Berlin brings together eight key disruptive technologies and their customers at one venue. Industry analysts from IDTechEx have invited global speakers from many end-user organisations in addition to...

07.02. 2019 | News

Teledyne LeCroy Launches High Definition Arbitrary Waveform Generators


Teledyne LeCroy announced availability of the High Definition arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs). The dual-channel AWGs are branded T3AWG3252 (250 MHz) and T3AWG3352 (350 MHz) and offer 16 bits of vertical voltage resolution, an output voltage...

07.02. 2019 | News

embedded award 2019 – and the nominees are …


The embedded award is presented for especially innovative products and developments in the categories hardware, software and tools. For the first time this year, prizes will also go to submissions in the new categories embedded vision and...

05.02. 2019 | News

Pin-type Humidity Sensor Enabling Easy Replaceability


Sensirion presents the new pin-type relative humidity sensor SHT85 for easy replaceability in a wide range of applications. It builds on a highly accurate and long-term stable SHT3x sensor that is at the heart of Sensirion’s new humidity and...

04.02. 2019 | News

Energy-Saving Low-Noise LDO Regulator from ST Powers Automotive Modules and Smart Automation


The STMicroelectronics LDO40L 400mA low-dropout linear regulator delivers quiet and efficient power for always-on automotive modules and noise-sensitive loads. With 45µA quiescent current, the AEC-Q100 qualified LDO40L reduces the demand...

01.02. 2019 | News


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