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Fluke Vibration Sensor makes it easy to collect and understand vibration condition data


Vibration monitoring is one of the most effective ways to detect potential equipment failures before they cause downtime. However, vibration analysis is complex, and it can be cost-prohibitive to place sensors on noncritical assets. The new...

20.09. 2018 | News

Smart City & IoT Expo


The conference program covers Smart City Vertical Application such as Smart Grid, Smart Transportation, Smart Health, Smart Building Management Systems, Enterprise IoT, Smart Lighting, Fog Computing, Big Data Analytics and Smart Governance. OUR...

18.09. 2018 | News

Annual networking highlight for students!


The STUDENT DAY has long been established as one of the highlights of the embedded world Exhibition&Conference, which is taking place for the 10th time in 2019. The crowning touch on the third day of the fair will be the presentation...

18.09. 2018 | News

Allegro Releases a Fully Integrated, Monolithic Power Monitoring IC with Isolation


Allegro MicroSystems has released a fully integrated, small form factor, power monitoring IC with reinforced voltage isolation. Allegro’s ACS724 and ACS711 current sensor ICs are commonly used in internet connected power outlets and other...

17.09. 2018 | News

Medical Electronics—medicine in a digital world


The health industry is going through a period of dramatic change. We are seeing more and more digital solutions throughout the patient journey—at every stage from prevention and diagnosis to treatment. Medicine 4.0 can only work on the basis...

15.09. 2018 | News

ams significantly reduces mechanical design constraints of true wireless earbuds


ams has introduced POW:COM, an innovative interface technology which enables POWER and COMMUNICATION between a true wireless earbud and a charging cradle over a two-wire connection. A true wireless earbud previously required as many as six pins to...

14.09. 2018 | News

Keysight Delivers the Industry's Smallest Solder-in Probe Head for High Performance Oscilloscopes


Keysight Technologies, Inc. announced the MX0100A InfiniiMax micro probe head, the industry's smallest solder-in probe head for high performance oscilloscopes, optimized for modern high-speed devices. The size of electronic devices...

13.09. 2018 | News


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