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Mouser Electronics and T Works Announce Partnership on New State-of-the-Art Prototyping Facility in Hyderabad


Mouser Electronics, Inc. announces a partnership with T Works, an initiative of the Telangana government, to support what will be India's largest hardware prototyping center in Hyderabad. The new 78,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art...

17.04. 2021 | News

The SHT3x humidity sensor series


Humidity and air temperature are two important parameters that greatly affect our comfort. For example, too low humidity can lead to dry skin and mucosa, and then to irritation and flu-like symptoms. Too high humidity favors the growth of mould,...

16.04. 2021 | News

Complete Energy-Meter Evaluation Board from ST


A new evaluation board from STMicroelectronics speeds design of 3-phase AC Watt meters that meet the most stringent international quality and accuracy standards using low-cost, electromagnetic-immune shunt sensors and advanced galvanic-isolation...

15.04. 2021 | News

Technology giant opens Customer Experience Center (CXC) in Munich


Panasonic is consistently expanding its activities in Europe and at its Munich Ottobrunn site. Within the Panasonic Campus in Munich the new Customer Experience Center (CXC) is now about to open the doors. The building complex consists of over...

14.04. 2021 | News

New HV SPDT Form C reed relays from Pickering save space and design complexity


Pickering Electronics, the reed relay company which has pioneered miniaturization and high performance for over 50 years, has introduced a new changeover 1 Form C version of its popular Series 67 high voltage PCB relay that saves space and makes...

13.04. 2021 | News

Bluetooth audio module from DFRobot


TME offers a Bluetooth 4.2 audio receiver module with a built-in 2 x 5 W stereo amplifier. It has a number of interesting features that make it suitable for a wide variety of applications, amateur projects, semi-professional solutions and...

12.04. 2021 | News

Red Pitaya - Basics of digital systems e-book


Teaching electronic circuits and FPGA programming has never been so easy and intuitive. The self learning guide and well documented step-by-step examples make home learning a fun exercise. Download Red Pitaya exclusive FPGA e-book part 1 -...

10.04. 2021 | News

Nexperia launches compact ‘2 in 1’ protection for high-speed data lines


Nexperia announced three new TrEOS protection devices that provide the most compact method to suppress ESD in USB3.2, HDMI2.1 and other high-speed data lines. The new PUSB3BB2DF, PESD5V0C2BDF, PESD4V0Z2BCDF devices provide best-in-class ESD...

09.04. 2021 | News

Formaldehyde sensing made easy


Sensirion presents its new formaldehyde sensor module, the SFA30. The SFA30’s innovative electrochemical cell design, dedicated electronics including an onboard Sensirion humidity and temperature sensor, and advanced algorithms, enables...

08.04. 2021 | News

OE-A Competition 2021: And the winners are….


What added value does Printed Electronics bring to this product? Which product shows the highest degree of innovation? And how attractive is it for the target group? These were tough questions to answer for the jury of the OE-A Competition 2021....

07.04. 2021 | News


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