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High-Voltage, Automotive-Compliant, Hall-Effect Latches from Diodes Incorporated Provide Improved Resistance to Physical Stress


Diodes Incorporated adds the AH371xQ series of high-voltage Hall-effect latches to its product portfolio. These automotive-compliant devices feature a proprietary Hall plate design that boosts performance. They are used for brushless DC (BLDC)...

23.02. 2024 | News

GW Instek Unveils The New GPP-3610H/7250 Single-Channel Programmable DC Power Supply


GPP programmable DC power supply series incorporates two new 360W models, namely the 36V/10A GPP-3610H and the 72V/5A GPP-7250. GPP-3610H provides high programming resolution (1mV/0.2mA) and readback resolution (0.1mV/0.2mA); GPP-7250 provides...

22.02. 2024 | News

STMicroelectronics reveals a new global-shutter image sensor that offers high resolution in a compact form factor and low power consumption


STMicroelectronics is enhancing smart computer vision with its latest global-shutter image sensor. The global-shutter sensor technology is particularly useful for capturing distortion-free images when the scene is moving or when near-infrared...

19.02. 2024 | News

Microchip Launches AVR® EB Family of Microcontrollers to Reduce Noise, Vibration and System Harshness in BLDC Applications


As electronic devices evolve, more motors are being utilized across consumer, automotive and industrial markets. Many designers select Brushless DC (BLDC) motors to increase device longevity and lessen Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)....

16.02. 2024 | News

Temperature and humidity transducers by HotCold


Monitoring of basic environmental conditions, i.e. temperature and humidity, is done in every room equipped with an automated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. These parameters are under constant control e.g. in warehouses,...

15.02. 2024 | News


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Leading edge semiconductor research on 200/300 mm wafers in the heart of Silicon Saxony and Europe

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Modern electronics developments require state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing processes, which are a financial challenge for many companies. Located in the heart of Silicon Saxony, Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS...

13.01. 2024 | Articles

NXP expands S32 platform with motor control solution for software-defined vehicle edge nodes


The purpose-built motor control solution is optimized for efficiency improvement across vehicle applications such as pumps, fans, sunroof and seat position, seat belt pretensioners, trunk openers and more. NXP Semiconductors N.V. expands its...

12.01. 2024 | Articles

Vital signs monitoring capabilities get a boost thanks to ultra-low noise AFE sensor technology for wearables

vital signs_úvod web.jpg

Highly integrated, the new ultra-low power AS7058 supports sophisticated PPG applications and ECG and electrodermal activity measurements. AS7058 AFE introduces body impedance measurement feature, to enable wearable devices to analyze body...

11.01. 2024 | Articles

AI-Powered PCB Place and Route Technology for CR-8000


Zuken Inc., a provider of electronic design automation solutions, introduced a revolutionary approach to AI-assisted PCB design. The new technology, called AIPR, an acronym for Autonomous Intelligent Place and Route, will be provided as part of...

10.01. 2024 | Articles

Keysight i3070 Series 7i: Optimized in-line high density in-circuit test system for PCB assemblies

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Keysight Technologies, Inc. introduced the new Keysight i3070 Series 7i in-line test system, an automated in-circuit test system (ICT), offering increased capacity and throughput, that enables manufacturers to economically meet the complex test...

09.01. 2024 | Articles

Improving ADAS and AV safety with Teledyne FLIR thermal-imaging integration and Ansys AVxcelerate Suite


Improving vehicle perception in all weather and lighting conditions is critical to reducing the record number of pedestrian fatalities in the United States and making autonomous vehicle (AV) systems safer. In June 2023, GHSA projected that 7,508...

08.01. 2024 | Articles