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China Wins New Bragging Rights in Supercomputers


A new list of the world’s fastest supercomputers provides more evidence that the once-yawning technology gap between the United States and China is closing. China dominates a biannual ranking of the world’s 500 fastest supercomputers,...

27.06. 2016 | News

iMX6 Modules


iMX6 Rex Module - PROfessional configuration The credit-card sized iMX6 Rex Module is targeting skilled development teams demanding high computing power and high speed peripherals. This Open Source Hardware and Software project was designed by...

24.06. 2016 | News

NASA Unveils Plans for Electric-Powered Plane


A new experimental airplane being built by NASA could help push electric-powered aviation from a technical curiosity and pipe dream into something that might become commercially viable for small aircraft. At a conference on Friday of the American...

23.06. 2016 | News



IR MEMS Thermopile Array Sensors


The Internet of Things (IoT) has given rise to new application fields in which sensors play a key role, for example as proximity detectors in security systems, for patient detection in medical environments, or for measuring temperatures in...

07.06. 2016 | Articles

Advanced FHSS technology used for Circuit Design's 2.4 GHz embedded telecommand module NK-2.4Y


The attraction of 2.4 GHz ISM band telecommand transmitters Anybody around the world can use 2.4 GHz band (ISM band) wireless devices, so telecommand transmitters that make free use of the ISM band while coexisting with existing WLAN and...

02.06. 2016 | Articles

The use of C++ in Embedded


So you’re an embedded developer.  You know that C is the right language for the job, although sometimes those maintenance cycles can be, well… repetitive.  You sometimes get that nagging feeling that you are coding like an...

31.05. 2016 | Articles

Protecting Data in Low-Power Embedded Applications


In this increasingly Internet-connected world, secure data transfer and storage with long battery are becoming key application requirements.  The PIC24F “GB2” microcontroller (MCU) family provides data protection for low-power...

24.05. 2016 | Articles

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